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Gymnastics in the CrossFit system. Buy Mesterolone

Use of the term “gymnastics” in the CrossFit system includes not only the sport competitions in which we see on TV, but also all kinds of activities such as yoga, Mesterolone side effects, kalisteniki, rock climbing and dance, where the main objective is the development of control over the body. It vtsarstve these exercises we can develop extraordinary strength (especially upper body), Proviron, flexibility, coordination, balance, accuracy and speed of adaptation to changing loads.

In fact, the traditional gymnast out of the competition in the development of these qualities, said in an article for the “Full on CrossFit training manuals in Russian” translated E. Bogachev and J. Karyagin. Buy Proviron.

The CrossFit widely used short parallel bars, mats, rings, horizontal bars and ropes.

The range of options being developed in gymnastics is based on well-known movements of kalisteniki: pull-ups, push-ups, on the rings, climbing rope, Proviron for sale. These exercises should form the core of your study of the power of the upper body. Set goals for the implementation of standards for the water 20, 25 and 30 pull-ups; 50, 75 and 100 push-ups; 20, 30, 40 and 50 pushups on the rings; 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 consecutive climbs the rope without using legs. Buy Mesterolone online.

Gymnastics in krossfitKak system once you are able to catch up and push-ups on the rings 15 times, it’s time to start working on “yield strength“. Output power – a movement from the position in the vise on rings in the stop position on the rings on the straight hands. This complex movement, including pull-ups and push-ups. power outputs – a very functional exercise, legal Mesterolone. By mastering them, you will be able to get on any structure that can catch hold of the toes. The value of this exercise for the police, fire and military can not be overestimated.

In the development of the strength of your torso by means of pull-ups, push ups and downs along the rope, to a large extent can develop balance and accuracy, using practicing handstands. You can start with handstands against the wall, if necessary. Once you master the position of head up, you can continue to use the short parallel bars or parallet without the support of the wall. Buy Mesterolone buy.

Once you become able to hold a handstand for several minutes, you should start to study a pirouette. Pirouette produced elevation of one hand and turning on the supporting arm 90 degrees to return the rack to the two arms and for subsequent repetition of the described other hand, as a result of turning 180 degrees. Buy Mesterolone online This exercise is necessary to work as long as you do not produce it without any risk of falling. Use twists 90 degrees as a mark of progress – 90, 180, 270, 360, 450, 540, 630 and 720 degrees, to achieve it buy Proviron.

Gymnastics in the system krossfitHodba on hands – another great tool for the development of handstands and balance and accuracy. Football field or treadmill may serve as an ideal place to practice the exercises, and measuring progress. It is advisable to learn to take place at the hands of at least 100 meters without falling. Competence in handstand prepares the athlete to master rack outputs. There is a group in the rack output versions, which range from the relatively simple to the severe enough that only competing on a national level gymnasts can perform them.

The hierarchical structure is as follows: bent arm / bent pelvic body / bent leg straight arm / bent body / bent leg straight arm / bent body / straight leg, bent arm / straight body / straight leg, and the most complex element, straight arm / straight body / straight leg. The usual thing when the athlete takes up to 10 years for the development of these five ways to exit the rack! Mesterolone for sale.

The load on the body in the gym is much superior to that of any other form of physical activity. Even a novice practicing gymnastic exercises for the trunk superior bodybuilders, weightlifters and melee.

“Corner” – it is nothing like a direct deduction of the trunk, in the emphasis on fully straightened his hands on the bench, floor, or parallel bars, and direct straightened legs at an angle of 90 degrees. It is desirable to learn how to hold area for 3 minutes, with gradual progress in 30 seconds – 30, 60, 90, 120, 150 and 180 seconds. When you’re able to hold the area for 3 minutes, all your previous work with the press will seem ridiculously simple. Buy Proviron.

We recommend stretching the Bob Anderson. This is a simple all who receive the approach to the development of flexibility. Science stretching is weakly developed and many athletes like gymnasts who demonstrate tremendous flexibility, receive very little formal training in this area, legal Proviron. Just do it. In general, it is desirable to stretch during workout to warm up the joints throughout the range of motion in order to optimize training and during the cool-down to increase overall flexibility. Under this topic there is a lot of material, buy Mesterolone online.